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FICO's Identity Monitoring searches the web for your personal information and alerts you when possible vulnerabilities are detected, and provides information to help mitigate the effect. 

A large part of a insuring a healthy FICO Score is making sure your personal information is secure and not being used by unauthorized people. If sensitive personal information fell into the wrong hands, thieves could essentially destroy your credit or get you in trouble with the law. To ensure personal information security, FICO wanted to offer a set of products that scanned user's personal information across the dark web and alerted the user on potential personal information breaches.


Identity Monitoring - Monitored Data.png

monitored data

The first design challenge of monitoring the user's sensitive data was to create a system for the user to enter it.

I designed a system for input and display of the user's information. We scraped their primary profile information for basic information but needed to rely on additional user input for other data points.

Identity Monitoring - Identity Analysis Report.png

Identity Analysis Report

Upon purchase of Identity Monitoring, we deliver a report of all potential risks based on the personal information in their profile. 

Identity Monitoring - Alerts.png


After the delivery of the Identity Analysis Report, all further identity risks were delivered via alerts — email, SMS, or push notifications. 

The design of these alerts needed to be customized due to the unique data points, advice, and suggestions we provided to the user.

Identity Monitoring - Profile Complete.png

Profile Complete

Identity monitoring was a new concept for our users, and included   in some products users were already subscribed to. Along with product announcements on the site and direct messaging, we devised a tool to educate and navigate users to complete their monitored data profile since it was vital to secure their personal information.

We assigned percentages to each piece of data, then based on the data they were missing, displayed the percent complete with a call to action on the next important data point to be entered. 


Redesigned for iOS

Although initially released for our web app, I redesigned the interface for the most recent iOS app. Enhancing the UI for an updated look, I refreshed the data input system, and added animations to promote the product features.