Big Basin (2018)

What better way to celebrate a shutdown of the government than to take advantage of no rangers at Big Basin State Park! (In retrospect, I'm not sure if Big Basin was shut down since the Federal government was shut down, but Big Basin is a state park.) 

None-the-less, we went! It was a semi-cloudy Monday with on and off sprinkles. As always, Sesame was excited to be out and about in nature. (She loves nature!). After an hour drive, we arrived at the park with only a few people in the lot and what appears to be nobody at the ranger station, we drive into the park as far as we can. There is only 1 other car in the last lot with nobody else in sight. This road, North Escape Road, is familiar as we hike it when we do the Skyline-to-the-Sea trail. 

We ready ourselves with our gear, and start to head down the service road. It was crisp out, and not too cold. The sky was semi-clear, everything was wet from the recent rains, drops of water still falling from the trees, At first, Sesame was very apprehensive. She kept hearing things in the trees and almost immediately gave out a warning bark. That didn't last long, after 3 mins, I unhitched her from her leash and she was happy as can be. Running back and forth in the trees and around bushes. We explore some campgrounds along the way and notice fallen trees that cut the campsites in half. We take a small break where we run into 2 of the 3 people we see all day. After a quick chat, we continue. 

We come to a creek and to get Sesame enticed, I throw some debris into the creek. After a few failed attempts to get the piece of wood, she finally gets her feet wet, inch by inch. Soon after, she's running back and fourth jumping into the creek getting everything up to her belly wet. This is exciting as she is usually not interested in getting wet in the least. At one point, she even jumps in, grabs a random stick and brings it to me. What's there to do next except for throw it back into the creek. 

We meander up the road and at one point, she tries to follow me on top of a fallen tree. She jumps, clings on for dear life, and slips back off. A+ for effort. Near the end of our trek into Big Basin, we come across a stream covering the road. Naturally, Sesame jumps over the water. I take this as a chance to try to get her in mid-jump. I call her to one side, tell her to wait, then come. Repeat 10 or so times. By this time we are both a little bored and move on. 

We head back the same way we came, and passed the third person we've seen all day. After more normal shenanigans, we finally get back to the car and head home. 

Big Basin is such a beautiful place. To think that only 2% (yes, 2%) of all original Redwood forests exists today. Some of these gigantic living things are over 2,000 years old. The fresh air, the sights, the nature is perfect...and even more perfect with NOBODY ELSE THERE!