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The FICO Score Simulator tool simulates your FICO Score when certain hypothetical positive and negative actions are taken. Essentially, this tool needed to be a versatile calculator that explains how these actions affect their FICO Score. With this new implementation, we wanted to integrate 8 new scenarios to the existing 15, enable the ability to simulate multiple scenarios at once, and display the results for all 3 credit bureaus side-by-side.


Score Simulator - 1.png

The challenge

The primary goals for enhancing the Score Simulator were to add 8 new scenarios to the existing list of 15, add the ability to calculate multiple scenarios, display results for all 3 FICO Scores in tandem, and organize and refine content for the tool. 


The solution

Completely rethinking the Score Simulator needed to be done to include the primary goals. I chose to design using modular elements that could be added or deleted at will. 

Score Simulator - Solution.png
Score Simulator - Devices.png


The Score Simulator was designed with web, native iOS and native Android in mind. Once the design was established and tested, it was optimized for all of our platforms and released simultaneously. 



Score Simulator - First.png
Score Simulator - Navigation.png
Score Simulator - Details.png
Score Simulator - Dialog.png