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Sessions Snowboards

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Sessions is an apparel company that designs, develops, produces and markets action-sports based products primarily in the snowsports industry. Founded in 1983 in Sunnyvale, California, Sessions bridged the gap between skateboarding, snowboarding and music.



Sessions needed a 12-15 minute promotional video that primarily highlighted their seasonal snowboard clothing line. They had 4 color stories which outlined the colors, patterns and prints — Electricool, Geothermal, Film Noir & Primary Pop. Along with their product line inspiration, they also wanted to feature the company's history, sponsored riders, product innovations, partnerships, events & community outreach. 

I worked closely with Sessions and their team to integrate tons of media and promotional material which are included in the video. Over 85% of all contents from photographs, video, patterns, and colors came from the Sessions' vault. 

History of Sessions

Sponsored Riders

Product Innovations + Partnerships

Color Stories: Electricool

Color Stories: Geothermal

Color Stories: Film Noir

Color Stories: Primary Pop

Sponsored Events + Community Outreach