Unified Communications


User Experience    |    Visual Design    |    Motion Graphics    |    Video    |    Interactive Design    |    Language Localization

Plantronics' Unified Communications allows for clear and reliable voice, video, and one-touch connectivity among all of your devices.


Unified Communications - Intro.gif


We decided to introduce the user to Plantronics' UC solutions with a video to really draw them into the experience. Utilizing 3D space, I designed an experience that seems dynamic and fluid. These themes are also carried over to the interaction design.

Unified Communication - Languages.png

Hello. Hola. CIAO.

The Unified Communications demo was localized for 8 different languages including Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, French and Portuguese.  We translated the demo and recreated the video and audio for each language.

Unified Communication - Screen 1.png
Unified Communication - Screen 2.png
Unified Communication - Screen 3.png